I was born in Karachi and am now in Toronto. I am interested in issues of time, place, loss and impermanence. As we, the world, we in the world are in a constant state of hurtling 'forward,' my photographs and writing come from a need to understand what it means to be here in this time.

My image/text work has been published in print and online, has been shown in Canada, Pakistan and Mexico, and is in various private collections. (More details in CV). A few pages of a zine I published with Faraar Gallery can be seen here: 'Four Letters'. I have worked in broadcast, print and online journalism. For my own venture, the website and NGO Gawaahi (witnessing) funded by a grant from Deutsche Welle, I made videos for awareness and advocacy, including one speaking of my sexual abuse from age five to eleven. Prior to television news, I was an actor, talk show host and model. My first experience of photography from shoot to dark room was at age 14 with black and white film and a Yashica camera.

Aside from the series titled 'Impermanence of Things' all photographs are shot on film -- 35mm or 120mm.

For print sale inquiries, you can contact me here.