I was born in Karachi, Pakistan and grew up in the small oil refinery town of Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia where my parents moved when I was three. At fifteen, I returned with my family to my city of birth, and this is where I completed my schooling. Since then I've lived in Islamabad, Delhi, spent some time in New York, and am now in Vancouver. 

My photographic work has been published in print and online. Currently on an artist's residency in Oaxaca. A solo exhibition of my series, 'There, There' was in Vancouver through April-May 2017 as part of Capture Photo Festival and in partnership with Indian Summer Festival. In Karachi I participated with my landscape photography in a two-artist show entitled 'Half-Truths' at Faraar Gallery where I published a zine entitled 'Four Letters'. I have worked in broadcast journalism as Producer Pakistan for NBC News and as an anchor and reporter at DawnNews. I have also written for various national and international publications. For my own venture, Gawaahi (witnessing), I made videos for awareness and advocacy, including one speaking of my own sexual abuse from age five to eleven. Prior to television news, I was an actor, talk show host and model. My poetry was published in the AlHamra Literary Review. My first experience of photography from shoot to dark room was at age 14 with black and white film and a Yashica camera.

I am interested in issues of movement, belonging, loss and the impermanence of things. As we, the world, we in the world are in a constant state of hurtling 'forward,' my photographs and writing come from a need to understand what it means to be in this time.

Aside from the series entitled 'Impermanence of Things' and 'On Desire' all photographs are shot on film -- 35mm or 120mm.

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